Our Training services

PT Packages

Perfect if you need someone to be there for you during your workouts, monitor your form and progress as it goes and keep you accountable. 

Monthly Personal Training packages are designed to ensure you'll get the results you're after in the most effective, safe and fun way.


What you get:

- 1-3 weekly PT sessions

- Full nutrition+habit coaching

- Weekly training plans if required

- 360° support

- Bonuses: workout plans for holidays, discounts for massage and more...

Online training

For those who want to train whenever and wherever they want to! This is the perfect solution if you want to get the best guidance and tools, but want to choose the time and place. This plan is also the perfect budget-friendly solution if you can't afford hiring a PT.


What you get:

- Fully customized training plan to get you the results you're after.

- Full nutrition+habit coaching

- 360° support

£97 or $125 p/m

Other services

We have more flexible "pay as you go" training options as well as single nutrition and habit focused advice sessions.

Email using the button below to find the perfect fit for YOU!


& rehab

Click below to enquire about our massage and rehab services or book an appointment

Got another idea? interested in online trAINING?

Shoot us a message to hear about our custom AND ONLINE services!

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