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Balance Your Life With These 4 Key Steps

October 2, 2019

Creating balance. Last week I shared my thoughts about how balancing your life works and why it is never a good idea to try and focus on too many things at once (READ IT HERE). If you'd like to read it, comment and I'll link you to it. In this post, I'd like to focus on the practical side of how to actually create a balance that works for you and helps you achieve whatever you put your mind into.




CHOOSE YOUR PRIORITIES - Take a pen and paper, or use your phone/computer and write down all the things that demand your attention, time and focus. First start with the macros, then divide each aspect into "projects" wherever applicable. Now that all of it is mapped, think honestly, how many primary focuses can you have at this moment? What is your mental capacity like rn? Most of us can only focus on 1-3 things simultaneously and do them well. Any more than that will result in overwhelming, overworking and ending up not doing any of them well enough. Start with just 1, and when you see that it's flowing with less effort, add another one. Choose a couple other things to be on the backburner and drop the rest for now. Make sure your health is always a top priority! This will be your compass.


CREATE A PLAN - Now that you have your priorities, plan what exactly do you need to do for each one of the more important things. Then decide what can you do for the things that are on the backburner so that they're not completely neglected. Every action you make should be examined against your compass. Does what you want to do fit your priorities? Now, if fitness goals aren't your priority it's fine, really. But it shouldn't be neglected, because if you're not well you can't do anything well and you can't help anyone. So staying active and providing your body with as many nutrients as you can, will always be the bare required minimum if you want to live a healthy and balanced life. Whatever headache you can save yourself by paying someone else or finding the help you need for free (like a cookie-cutter training plan for your needs, not ideal but better than nothing).


MANAGE YOUR TIME - There are many time management techniques, learn and try some of them to see what works for you. Put your workouts in your diary at the times you are most likely to do them. Book weekly time-slots for meal prepping (meal-prepping 101 post coming soon). Book the rest of your tasks or create to-do lists.


COMMIT TO YOURSELF - That's the hardest but the most important part. You have mapped your road, now walk the walk. Show up to those appointments you've made with yourself. I really hope this post helps you to create a better balance. It is a process and it will involve some trial and error, but it is well worth it!

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