So... Are You Ready For Christmas?

November 3, 2017

“Are you ready for Christmas? Christmas is coming!” It appears to be the latest (not-so-original) slogan all over the internet.

Christmas is less than 2 months away, lots of sales everywhere and people are starting to get into this whole rush of buying presents to everyone they know. Businesses are trying to convince you, that you need their very own product or service in order to feel ready for Christmas. You need this piece of makeup, you need those shoes, you need this and that, ah, and not to forget that you need to get in your best shape and look gorge!

If you know me, then you probably already suspect this post won’t be trying to convince you that you need to lose those 5 pounds or to get inside that size insert-number-here dress before the holiday. The truth is, the power to decide whether you’re good enough or ready enough for Christmas (or for summer, or for your birthday, or whatever) is only yours. Businesses will try to take that power away from you, play on your insecurities with catchy adverts, but it is still yours. YOU are the only person that can tell you if you’re good enough like this or not, and you’re the only person that has the right to decide if you need any kind of change.

Now, let me give you some actual reasons why it is still great to start taking care of your health, fitness and working on a healthier life balance, right now:

  1. You’ll feel healthier and more confident, which will definitely help you to have a great time with your family.

  2. Your mood and energy levels will improve, so again, happier holiday (and life in general).

  3. If you start now, then at least 1 line of your New Year’s resolutions is sorted, even before the New Year starts!

  4. You’re spending all this money on presents to people you care about. It is a great opportunity to invest some of it in yourself as well! You deserve to be cared for just as much.

  5. It is always a great time to start building your fitness and improving your health, and sooner better than later! Before Christmas isn’t an exclusion.

Still thinking about it? Give me a shout to get more information!




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