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Push Ups – Make Them Possible!

February 1, 2017

Hi everyone!

I’m back! Busy days have got me completely out of track with my blog posts, but finally I am back and  not going anywhere!

Today’s post is all about push ups or press ups (PU). My goal here is to show you that they are possible even if you don’t really believe me.

If you told me just a few years ago that I will be doing full PU’s with very little effort, I’d probably laugh. I couldn’t do a single one. To be honest, I was always told that girls cannot do them, so that’s the reason they do the kneeling version. Yes! I actually believed in that! Funny, right? Or maybe not..



A few years (and a lot of work) later, after succeeding them, and getting a few PT and fitness certifications I look back and wish I had me (the updated version) to tell me not to give up so fast.

The thing is, yes, females (but not only!) will probably find PU’s more challenging, due to naturally weaker upper body. But challenges are here to overcome them, aren’t they?

So here I am, to show you how YOU can work your way towards the full PU, even if you can’t do one yet.

Now, I’ve started a YouTube channel, which I will be very happy if you subscribe to btw, and in this video I show all the necessary steps to progress to a full PU. So go and watch this video now, and come back here to see how to actually incorporate all of those into your workout routine. From incline PU’s, kneeling PU’s and to Hands-off and eccentric PU’s, you have it all there.

There are quite a few different approaches to incorporating a skill. Some of them suggest daily high volume work, some of them are designed for 2-4 times a week. What I find works best for me and my clients with those kind of exercises is having one high volume exercise day + complimentary work on target muscles, then one complimentary workout day (with a plank and some triceps work) and to finish that off with a low volume and high intensity targeted exercise day. So, 3 total days each week. Works like magic for beginners and intermediates with most of the resistance exercises like that.

Now, let’s talk business. How does it actually look?


Here is a suggested example of a routine:


PU’s 5 sets of 5 reps or 3 sets of 8-12 reps (choose the correct scaling option for those ranges, both of them work good so it’s up to you how to play with it)

Chest press 2*12

Flyes 1*15-20



Bench Dips 3*8-12

Plank 30-60 secs (aim to progress to a push up plank)



PU’s 5 sets of 3 reps (again, correct scaling for that range, it has to be challenging)

Triceps Isolation Exercise 2*8-12 (eg. tricep pushdown, french press or any other)


So, obviously if you have other stuff in your workouts (and I strongly recommend you have  ), you need to think what to swap and what to keep, so the balance remains maintained and tailored for your own needs. This is the point where I put a disclaimer and make sure you understand that stuff from the internet are not a substitute for a professional advice, I can’t see you from behind the screen (I really wish I had this super power!) and I don’t know who you are and what your level and training programme looks like. It is just a general example which may not work for you, so common sense (and maybe a further professional advice) should be applied.

Hopefully you found this article helpful, if you did please like, share with friends and subscribe. And don’t forget that the comment section is here for you 

Also, It will be awesome if you subscribe to my channel HERE, we will have awesome time!


For any further inquiries you are welcome to CONTACT ME

See ya! 

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