Tomorrow Begins Today

August 26, 2016

“I will start working out on Monday”, I told myself. Sunday came and Monday became tomorrow. “I will go to the gym tomorrow”, I thought, and went to sleep. Things happened and I found myself saying this “tomorrow” or “Monday” over and over again and I never managed to do what I promised. It happened with everything, homework, studying for exams, cleaning my house, projects in my life. Until I realized the things I am about to say here.


How many times did it happen to you that “tomorrow” became later and later and eventually came really late or never happened? And it’s not that you didn’t truly believe you’ll do it tomorrow. It’s just that “tomorrow” tends to become “today” pretty much every day.

While we’re saying this magic word we sometimes forget that we have more urgent things tomorrow and will have plenty of excuses to delay it once more. We also don’t like to deal with new and challenging situations. This is why we tend to leave the tomorrow for tomorrow. We enjoy thinking about ourselves as of successful people who live the life they want and get everything done, so we do make the promise that this is going to be real very-very soon (tomorrow). But we are also comfortable with doing less, maintaining our comfort zone and not dealing with the possibility of failing (or succeeding which is more likely to happen if we take a chance). This is why we find ourselves stuck in between.

Now let’s talk business. How do we break this circle?

  1. First of all I want you to stop thinking “I Will” and start thinking either “I Want” or “I AM”. This way you are breaking this “in between” circle of thought, because “I Want” is a wish. You can turn your wish into a goal when you are ready and take action. “I Am” is a clear statement that you already are making things happen. For example, instead of saying “I will start working out three times a week”, say “I am working out three times a week” which means that if you don’t want to lie, you will definitely do it.

  2. Take an action right now. If you said you’re working out three times a week, either make one of them happen now (it can even be just 5 minutes if you already have a very busy day) or at least schedule those 3 times in your calendar, put your gym gear in your bag/car, make any other step towards it. Don’t leave things for next week, do it this week.

  3. Stop thinking about excuses why you can’t make it happen today and find a way to make it happen. There is a reason why you thought that you need to do something, this reason was triggered NOW. Tomorrow the same trigger might not exist. So do something for it NOW, so that tomorrow you will already be in this process.

  4. Leave constant reminders everywhere. Write your motivation in your planner, leave notes everywhere in the house, wear a piece of clothing that reminds you somehow about what you’re trying to do, if you planned to go to the gym leave your trainers by the door or in the car. Anything that makes you remember your “what” and your “why”.

Say it, write it, whatever. Just constantly remind yourself “Tomorrow begins today, tomorrow is now!” Because if not now, when? I challenge you to pick one thing you wanted to do for yourself and for your life and it never made it to your schedule and start making it happen NOW!

Please let me know in the comments what your challenge of choice is. Also let me know what posts you’d like to see more of. And of course don’t forget to follow, like and share if you want to.

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**Special Thank You

I had a title for this article in my mind for more than 2 month. It remained as “just a title” until today. Today my FB friend Shy posted about her, overcoming all of the excuses (challenges is a better word here) why not to do it and decided to start a Youtube channel. I am intrigued by what’s gonna be on her channel, but one thing I know for sure – this woman is a pure inspiration. Thank you Shy for this reminder to make dreams happen.

BTW, If you subscribe to Shy (HERE), you won’t regret it 

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