How To Succeed Without Failing

August 22, 2016

Are you familiar with that feeling of shame and embarrassment when you’re trying to learn something new and people are watching you? In our minds they’re obviously going to judge us for doing it wrong, or laughing at us. I mean, seriously, most of us struggle with it at some point of our lives. It’s like, if you’re not doing it perfect you better don’t do it at all. But how are we going to learn anything if we don’t try? How are we going to succeed if we don’t fail? How are we going to fly if we don’t fall?


As a trainer, my new clients often think that they should apologise for being unfit, for making mistakes or not having a perfect technique and that (as they say) they fail a lot. They forget to be proud of the success they make, and let me tell ya, those are a whole bunch of successes going on here! 1. They’ve made the decision of learning a new skill; 2. They’ve chosen to do something for themselves and to take care of their own body; 3. They push themselves to try even if the final “perfect” result seems far away; 4. They’ve chosen to get proper help (Me!) and get things done. See? And every time I feel extremely lucky for the opportunity to be there for them and be part of their success. Lucky to feel that I’m helping them grow and learn new things and to see them improving and growing as athletes and personalities.

Even today, as a trainer I still have a lot to improve and a whole lot of space to grow. I still don’t do Muscle-Ups for example. But there was a time when I couldn’t do a single Push-Up. I had tears situation going on my face when I managed to do my first full one.

Learning is a process, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even just the fact of your decision to improve your skills should make you proud. And the fact that you’ve worked your way through all the obstacles and didn’t give up should make you even prouder. And it is very empowering for others to see work in progress! We all are inspiration.

So no, there is no miracle recipe for success without failure. Just enjoy becoming a better you and be proud of yourself. I am proud of you!

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