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Vegan Athlete? But Where Do You Get Your Protein From?

August 19, 2016

Yes, I am vegan. No, I am not malnourished and I have no protein deficiency. How do I do it?

If you do some reading over the internet you will see plenty of vegan athletes taking first places in lots of competitions. In fact, today we can see more and more athletes going vegan for performance reasons only, so you can assume that vegan diet has it’s benefits.


And yes, from my own experience, along with reading other people’s experiences I can tell that going vegan (and by vegan I mean a balanced vegan diet, not junk food) makes you feel lighter and a lot more energized. I lost 100 pounds while 70 of them were as a vegan, I improved all my athletic abilities as a vegan, I run faster and lift heavier. In fact, all of my clients and friends who went vegan during training report the same. Also, recovery times are a lot shorter.

But enough with that, let’s talk business. Vegan protein isn’t hard to get. Here are some protein-rich foods:

Soya products – whether the beans, edamame or in form of tofu or other more processed foods, they are all high in protein. This is also considered as the “full” protein as it contains the best combination of essential amino acids.

Beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils and all kinds of legumes are packed with protein. They have lower percentage of two of the essential amino acids, so while many nutritionists might say it is better to eat them with some kind of grains to complete that, other nutritionists say that because of the overall high percentage of protein you still get enough of those.

Grains – They have a good amount of protein, but they have a great amount of carbs also, so I wouldn’t count on getting my protein only from grains.

Fruits and veggies have a small amount of protein too.

Supplements – now, you might ask why being vegan if you have to use supplements. Well, the protein isn’t a necessary supplement, but most of the athletes use protein powder anyway even if they’re not vegan simply because it is more convenient to replace a meal or two with a liquid. It makes a big difference when you need to eat every 3 hours (which means you have to cook a lot more), and even if you just have less time to cook.

As it comes to protein powder, I always go for the most natural and least processed option, and I tried most of the bigger brands on the market. My favorite choice to go with is the Sunwarrior Blend Raw which comes in berry, mocha, vanilla and chocolate flavour. Their taste and texture is very good, easily blendable and you can also use them in your smoothies for a great boost of protein or just mix with water as a regular protein shake.

Here are some links where you can purchase Sunwarrior Protein Powder:





Trust me, the chances you’ll regret buying this are very low, no one goes back from this product ever! 

Found a better product? Want a more detailed review? Please tell me in the comments 

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