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Weight-Loss Confessions – I Hated Myself

August 13, 2016

I was overweight most of my life. There is really nothing wrong with being overweight if you feel healthy and love yourself. But, being fed with the whole beauty industry and media-created ideals, I believed I wasn’t worth loving. In fact, I hated myself and my body. Also, the belief that if you’re comfortable in a certain situation you have no reasons to change it, made me think that if I hate myself enough I will be able to change.


The problem is, that when you hate someone you don’t really want to treat her (or him) very good, do you? So on the one hand I tried so hard to be “healthier”, to eat “better”. On the other hand what I really did to the body I hated so much was depriving it of food and making it move as a punishment of looking the ‘wrong’ way.

As you may imagine, this method didn’t help much. When you treat your body wrong it doesn’t say “Gee, thanks for that! I will do whatever you want now.” The opposite. And even if you’ve lost some weight, you’re most likely to then ‘thank’ your body for the good job and reward it with food. Sorry, with junk. And even if you are able to hate yourself and suffer through your whole life, just to maintain your body at a certain complexion, does it sound like a happy life to you?

I am not that kind of person that can do something without enjoying it, even if I have to. So, it’s either things will stay this way, or I find a way to enjoy the change. And that is when I started to look for real solutions for happiness.

The most important thing I discovered in this journey, is that treating yourself like you are your own best friend is the only right way. Start now, believe with all your heart that you truly deserve all the good treatment you’re going to provide yourself with. You DO deserve to be loved!

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