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15 Ideas To Make Working Out On Your Vacation Possible And Fun!

August 9, 2016

Maintaining a fit lifestyle while you’re enjoying your vacation sounds close to impossible. I’ll try to make it easier for you with some ideas.

First, let’s have a chat about the issues here and how to overcome them:

You’re far from your environment, which means you probably don’t have your gym or your home equipment. It’s a great opportunity to be creative with what you have!

  1. You can do bodyweight exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees etc.).

  2. Or use whatever is in hand (chair, water bottles, your suitcase…).

  3. Bring light equipment such as resistance bands or a lightweight suspension trainer.

  4. Another thing you can do is check if your hotel has a gym in its facilities.

  5. You can always ask your personal trainer to provide you with a proper workout program that is suited to your needs and equipment. If you don’t have a personal trainer you can hire one just to make the program for you.


Here’s an example of a gym in a hotel I once stayed in:


Your schedule may be very busy with sightseeing and other activities, so you don’t have free time to work out.

  1. Schedule your workouts.

Find some fun ways to incorporate the workouts as part of your activities:

  1. Plan to jog/walk between the sites you want to visit

  2. Take a bike trip

  3. Go jogging- it is a great way to get to know the surroundings, having some you-time and meditating

  4. Schedule some more active options- museums are fun, but try some active fun stuff like surfing, diving, hiking or biking

  5. Discover what kind of activities locals prefer at their free time and try them out. Whether it is a yoga class, tennis, skiing, whatever the local fun is, that’s a great opportunity of getting to feel the spirit of the place you’re at, and trying something new.

Just walk


We all are going to a vacation so that we could have a good rest from our routines and have some fun. So, wouldn’t you prefer to have a better time? Actually, my answer to that is, yes! I would love to have the best time possible and provide myself with a whole bunch of new experiences and memories. But who said movement can’t be one of them?

  1. Make movement one of them! As I said earlier, doing a bike trip, jogging between places, visiting a local class, choosing a local favourite activity, hiking in the beautiful nature or even just visiting the local gym or a CrossFit box.

  2. A local outdoor class or personal trainer may provide you as much unique experience as another gallery. Find out if there are any trainers at your destination that provide this service.

  3. Make it a fun game. For example, you can make a list of activities and workouts you’d like to do during your trip, every time you complete one you reward yourself with points. Points are converted into prizes such as cash for shopping, a really fun activity or anything else you could think of (not food…).

  4. Be creative and open minded- write down a list of fun ideas and make them happen.

We would love to hear your ideas, please share them with me in the comments and feel free to Contact Us 

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