Struggling To Eat Healthy On A Vacation? Make It Possible With Those 11 Ideas!

August 4, 2016

One of the issues to not let yourself go on a vacation is… most of the times a vacation is all about letting yourself go.

So there is another post dedicated to movement coming up next week, but for now let’s talk about eating out there.


There are a couple of main issues with maintaining a healthy diet while traveling which I will address and give you some tips on.

You have a limited access to food at your destination, special diet (e.g. vegan or gluten free):

  1. It is worth checking ahead where you can eat out and which supermarkets in your destination provide appropriate choices.

  2. Email the hotel you’re planning to stay at in case you have meals included.

  3. As part of planning your route you might want to get in touch with restaurants near the sites you’re visiting and check if they have suitable food for you.

  4. Buy fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits and nuts to snack on in case you’ll get hungry and can’t find a place to eat. This will help you to avoid longer and unwanted fasting periods or buying junk food.

You have no time to search for healthier options so you eat at the first cafe you see or grab snacks:

  1. You can do the homework beforehand, and you’ll know what places are close to your points and are better to eat at.

  2. Buy food at local supermarkets and have it on hand. You can have fruits, veggies, nuts, or you can make some healthy sandwiches.

  3. Look for smoothies. It is a great option to get an extremely packed with nutrients meal on the go.

You want to taste local food (all of it), enjoy without restricting yourself and not having any regrets about not trying something. Here are some ideas to enjoy both worlds:

  1. Check if there are any traditional local food that is a healthier option (special salads, beans and lentils, fruits) and make sure you prioritize those.

  2. Decide on the amount of meals to eat at a restaurant during the vacation. Spread this amount through your trip.

  3. Plan ahead which dishes would you like to taste and schedule them. The rest of your time try to eat clean.

  4. Try not going above one restaurant or junk meal a day (less will be more  ).

Got more ideas? We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments and feel free to Contact Us 

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