5 Good Reasons To Deadlift

August 2, 2016

If I should pick one single exercise to perform my whole life, I’d probably tear myself apart between the Squat and the Deadlift, but initially I’d take the Deadlift.


Mental strength and motivational boost

A proper deadlift is an exercise that allows you to lift the most weight you possibly can. While lifting big numbers you get a huge motivation boost. Also, you are training your mental strength, overcoming the fear of lifting heavy weight from the floor (which won’t leave the ground if you’re afraid of it).

Extremely effective when performed correctly

In single joint exercises you are most likely to hit a plateau and get stuck with the same weight for a longer time while the deadlift makes you stronger with every lift. This exercise executes the most of your body, meaning you will be able to gradually increase the load over a long period of time. Continuous improvement = more mental and motivational boost.

Hits most of the muscles

This exercise hits the most of the muscles in your body, meaning not only you get a stronger body overall, you also burn more calories in a shorter period of time, also increase resting metabolic rate and increase amounts of testosterone and growth hormone which will assist you in building muscle faster.

Unquestionable benefits for females

Self-esteem- if you can lift a bar with your own weight added to it, do you really think there’s anything in the world that you’re not capable of? Toning – nothing assists like a deadlift to strengthen your whole body while burning fat and increasing metabolism levels. Maternity- if you are planning to have babies it will be easier to carry during pregnancy, easier and less painful to deliver (while minimizing the possible soft tissue damage), easier and faster post-natal recovery plus you can lift your baby as much as you want without any back pain or risks.

Real life functional movement

Lifting things from the floor is one of the most basic movement, and one of those a typical human being manages to unlearn to do properly due to ‘life happens’ reasons. When developing a proper form of deadlift and training at your heavy, you can reduce risk of injuries and back pain. Also, deadlifting can make a huge difference as you age. Being independent and having a good quality of life is crucial for elders.

The deadlift is also beneficial to different aspects of your life, but one of the things to remember is that this exercise requires a proper technique. Getting professional help and building a good form of deadlifting is something really worth investing in.

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