How to start Changing Your Life #3

July 10, 2016

Before you dive into this post, you may want to read the FIRST and the SECONDin this series.

Well, let’s begin with goal setting. Remember when I asked you to to visualize the final result your’e looking for? Well, that’s not yet a goal. Be more fit, get more toned, be more active, eat better, lose some weight, be stronger, those all are wishes not goals.
Now, it is really up to you if you prefer to get to a specific point (and maintain it, or choose a new one when you’re there), or you just want to pick a fun route for yourself and see where it leads. If you’re specific with your final big goal- use the SMART goals to help you with that one, if it is the route, then use the SMART goals just for the smaller milestones.
If you aren’t familiar with SMART goal setting, it’s just about time.
S-Specific. Define your main big goal, be specific with what you are trying to achieve, visualize the final results.


M-Measurable. If you can’t measure your goal, how will you know whet you hit it? Give yourself tools for tracking your progress.
A-Attainable/Achievable. Is your goal reasonable? Is it possible to achieve?
R-Reasonable. Does the goal really meet your needs?
T-Timebound. Try to set yourself a proper time limit (of course a realistic one)
Treat your goal like a project, break it into smaller goals and milestones using the same SMART goals technique. If you’re not that much of a project oriented person, it’s fine, there are plenty other ways to achieve your goals and I will be more than happy to help with that.

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