3 Fun Tips On Staying Hydrated

July 10, 2016

What’s the hype about hydration? Well I guess we all know that most of our body is water. It starts to make sense to drink more just from knowing this fact. Basically nothing in your body will work at its best if you’re dehydrated. When you’re drinking enough on a daily basis, you’re less tired, it may help to reduce high blood pressure, reduce skin problems and help with nourishing the skin properly,eliminate digestive disorders, help with weight loss or stop gaining unwanted weight, help the immune system, faster muscle recovery and joint repair, slow down the aging process. All of those benefits just from drinking enough, so really, why not?


3 tips for staying hydrated:
1. Track it down! Easier to see how you’re doing, keeping you on the right track.
2. Apps. If you tend to forget stuff, apps that remind you to drink will be the solution. Lots of them are free and very convenient.
3. Make it fun. Make your water fun to drink. You may use a colorful bottle with Darth Vader face all over it, you may put some fruits or berries into it (and that will also pack your water with some nutrients) and you also can start a family or office competition. Whatever makes it work for you.
BTW, no, soda is not water.
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