How To Start Being More Active

July 8, 2016

As part of the evolution of the human kind, technology became a huge part of our lives. People invented elevators, transportation, phones and office chairs with wheels (who of us haven’t tried to ride a chair to the opposite end of the room at least once…?). You got the idea. In every decade, the average human becomes less and less active and more sedentary and technology dependent. Will we thank ourselves in the future? Don’t think so.


In order to have a generally more active life, you might want to consider making small changes in your everyday behavior, even if you don’t want to commit to training quite yet.
Think about all the options you have to be more active in your everyday life. You can walk to work, or park a bit further. Use the stairs more, take a walk to the person or the place you need instead of calling or messaging. Get up and stretch a bit or do some “chair squats”, lunges or jumps once in a while, just to get some blood into the muscles. Take longer walks with your dog when you can (he/she will thank you  ), or just go for a walk with someone, even by yourself, and enjoy the nice weather or view. Shop for yourself sometimes, not everything is better online and you get to move some more. Waiting for a bus? Perfect time to do some weird moves in public (for the confident ones between us).
Also, try to choose more active weekend activities like hiking, playing some kind of sports or anything else that requires some movement going on. You might find it fun to have a bit more challenging stuff to do with your friends and family.
Be creative with challenging yourself and have fun  There are plenty of ways how to enjoy moving, pick some of them and incorporate in your daily life – you’ve already made a change.
Those small steps do matter 

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