How To Start Changing Your Life

July 7, 2016

If you already made a decision to change something in your life, then congrats! You’ve made your first step towards your goal. Whether you want to have a generally healthier lifestyle, or your goals focus on visually changing your body, a start is a start.


So what’s next?
Let’s talk about your past for a second… Know what? Let’s not! The past has already happened, the future is what we create in the present. So leave the good memories from the past with you, pack the lessons you’ve learned and let’s create the future and remember to enjoy now of course. I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling of being mad at yourself for being lazy or not taking good care of yourself or whatever it is that bothers you. Let go, forgive yourself. You’re the only self that you’ve got, so just let go. We want to help and take care of people we love, not mad at, so start from loving yourself and believing you really truly deserve the change that you’re about to make. It is a present you’re giving yourself, not a punishment.
Now, people are most likely to know what they want to change, what they don’t like in their lives. Start from the end, start positive. Try and see where you’d like to be. Is it to physically feel better? Get toned? To be able to do new things? To lose some weight and be lighter? Gain more muscle? Be healthier? That is the time for a good old goal setting. See the final result, feel it and be it. Sleep on it for a couple of days and get used to your decision (feel free to share in the comments), prepare your mind for the next step and don’t forget to follow for more.

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