Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Mary and I wasn’t fit my whole life. The most effort I put into something during school years was making excuses for not going to PE class.

This life was my life until my early 20’s when I started to realize that the less I move the more tired I feel. I really had enough of being out of breath and unable to move my body the way a young and healthy body should move. I remembered the previous times I went to the gym and liked it, so I got a membership at my local gym and a trial session with a personal trainer.

And that’s how things started.

I started seeing results, my body was changing and becoming stronger, my movement patterns and control over my body improved. I had so much fun with discovering each time what I can do, pushing my limits, challenging myself. That’s when I decided to share this with others. I wanted to show women how they can love and treat their bodies right, becoming stronger and enjoying life and movement, achieving better performance in fitness and in life, greater confidence and even reversing health issues.

I got certified in Israel and in the UK, gained experience as a PT and a lifestyle coach, a gym manager for one of the biggest chains in Israel. I relocated my business to the UK and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to change so many different lives.

It’s Not Just a Job

I truly believe everyone can change the world. Most of the fitness industry, unfortunately, make money off people's insecurities. Women are pushed to lose weight but rarely advised to get actually fit and healthy, strong and capable of doing things they could never imagine they can do, almost always women are being told they should be smaller, be less. Ever since I became a coach I have decided not to take that path. I want to empower women to reach their goals, no matter what they are, but to gain a lot more on the way. I challenge myself and everyone around me to become the healthiest, strongest, fittest and most powerful version of themselves. With an accepting, body-positive approach, I provide PT one on one and group sessions, online training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, tailored individually for every client making sure you meet your goals while enjoying the process and getting the most benefits out of it. My goal is to make this lifestyle enjoyable and sustainable for you, to help you love fitness and movement as much as I do. Join me, become a part of that change!

Where, How, Why?

I am currently located in central St Albans, Hertfordshire, where I'm training and doing sports massage and rehab for my clients and also provide an online training option (just drop me a message for details).

I combine a wide variety of training approaches creating the perfect mix for on your needs, abilities, preferences, and equipment in hand, always making sure to apply principles of progressive overload to keep the progress coming. No gimmicks, only methods that work! I keep the workouts fun and varied, so you can expect to see lots of different equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, TRX, resistance bands, exercise balls, boxing, and the list goes on!

Staying informed and up to date with my knowledge is a priority of mine, making sure you get the best out of your time and effort.

Not only do I ensure your training is fun, safe,  effective, customized to YOU and your circumstances/preferences, I also give you the results you're after.

Start today!

Interested to know more about how I can help you get the results you're after?

To ensure all of my clients get the best service, support and attention possible, I only open a limited number of spots at a time for new clients, so book your FREE consultation asap if you want in!

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  • GGS-1 - Female-specific coaching and training (pending)

  • Level 3, Sports Massage Therapy, ITEC

  • Level 1 - FMA Strength&Conditioning Coach, FMA Strength Institute

  • Level 3 - Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor

  • Circuit Training Instructor

  • Level 2 - Gym Instructor

  • Health and Fitness Instructor, Wingate Institute, Israel

Fields of expertise
  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Performance based exercise

  • Fat-loss & muscle-gain

  • Confidence building

  • Female specific exercise

  • Pre and Post-Natal Exercise

  • Sports Massage Therapy

  • Post-injury rehabilitation exercise

  • Posture correction and exercise for musculoskeletal imbalances

  • Plant-based nutrition

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TEL AVIV - Tushiya 22 Tel Aviv-Yafo

RAMAT GAN - Hertzel 73 Ramat Gan

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