time to get fit!

I offer a high-end evidence-based, body-positive, effective and fun training to help you achieve your best self the way you see it.

I believe that learning how to create an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy is key to a happier life in general. This is why each programme is individually tailored according to your personal needs.

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What clients say:

❝I would absolutely recommend her


"The time Mary has spent with me has not only improved my fitness and strength but also my confidence and self belief. If you are considering getting a personal trainer you won't regret teaming up with Mary."

❝Mary is hugely supportive and keeps the workouts fun❞


"I have had great results building strength and improving my shape. I would have lost more weight but for my love of ice cream! Mary is actually lovely person and I actually look forward to our workouts. Highly recommended!"

"She has great knowledge of her profession, which for someone like me who likes to know how and why things work is great! I would recommend anyone to Mary, see what you think."

❝I'm seeing great results, I'm enjoying the workouts❞


"With the new menu Mary gave me, I have much more energy and I am a lot more active and healthier. She keeps my workouts playful and fun. I love being able to run around!"

❝I can play for longer, I've lost 11 pounds!❞


Here are some more reasons why to join me:

Still not convinced?

I put the FUN into Fitness

Tailored training to fit your busy life

Nutrition coaching that suits YOU

Full online support

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  • Boost your self-confidence levels, improve your mood and reduce stress

  • Learn to enjoy fitness while reaching your goals

  • Get your training tailored for your needs

  • Get to know your body and learn how to get more out of your workouts

  • Establish a lifetime exercise habit

  • Improve your health and your quality of life 

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TEL AVIV - Tushiya 22 Tel Aviv-Yafo

RAMAT GAN - Hertzel 73 Ramat Gan

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